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What to Expect at E3


Hunt Schedule

On Day 1 you can arrivals anytime after 2, and snack will be provided. After you can head to the shooting range, ride the property or cool down in the pool. During this time you will also meet with your guide to discuss your hunt and practice shooting your weapon. Prior to dusk, your guide will take you on your evening hunt. The guide will provide you with the information you need as to score, age, price and the hunter can choose if they would like to harvest the deer or wait. The guide will determine which deer are eligible to be harvested in line with E3's management philosophy. After your hunt you will arrive back to the lodge for appetizers, followed by dinner.


On the following days you will enjoy both a morning and evening hunt, with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by our staff. Between hunts you can indulge in the many amenities E3 has to offer such as fishing, swimming, or wobble trap.


On the final day of your hunt, similar to the prior days, you will enjoy breakfast and your morning hunt. Sadly, on your return to the lodge, you will need to prepare to leave. We ask that all guests depart by 11am.

See sample menu here.


How do I book my hunt?

50% deposit is due 30 days prior to arrival and is non-refundable. The deposit will serve to secure your spot on the hunt. If a deposit is not received, we reserve the right to give another hunter your spot.


If we are notified of a cancellation after the deposit is made, you will be given the option to transfer the deposit to another date.

What should I pack?

  • Guns and Ammunition (hunting and wobble trap)

  • Binoculars

  • Camera

  • Hunting Knife

  • Long Underwear

  • Jacket, Vest and/or Heavy coat. Depending on weather potentially a raincoat.

  • Hat

  • Canvas / Wool Pants or Jeans

  • Camouflage Clothing

  • Igloo Cooler

  • Sunglasses

  • Alcohol

What is excluded?

  • Hunters will be responsible for their hunting license and transportation of any cleaned animals. We can provide transportation to a processor for an additional fee, and recommend taxidermy work.

  • The ranch does not provide wine or hunting equipment.

  • Airport Transportation is not provided however we can provide recommended transportation services.

How is my deer scored?

Deer are scored at the ranch by the E3 employees and this will be the basis of the price charged. If over 140 Boone and Crockett, the deer can be officially scored by Los Cazadores Contest Scorer, however this will not affect the price charged.

What to Expect: FAQ

Are gratuities included in the cost?

No. Gratuities for guides and cooks is customary. We recommend 10-20% of the total fee for your hunt.

What if I forget something?

The ranch will have most items that you may have forgotten, however for something particular you will have to drive to the nearest town which is 45 minutes away.

E3 Policies

Wounded Animal Policy

Once blood has been drawn on an animal, that animal belongs to you. The responsibility lies with the hunter to pay the appropriate kill fees. Every effort will be made to locate wounded game. 

We can recommend a tracking service if needed to locate wounded deer for an additional cost and depending on availability.

Guns and Ammo

All Hunters will be required to bring their own rifles and ammunition (including ammo for wobble trap). Hunters will be required to be under the supervision of E3 guides during all hunting activities. We recommend a 12 or 20 gauge for dove hunts and minimum of 243 Winchester rifle for deer hunts. All hunters must only shoot their guns under the supervision of E3 employees, and will be required to shoot targets before going on a hunt so we can ensure your weapon is functioning properly.

Liability Policy

All guests are required to sign E3's Liability waiver prior to arriving on the property. If a helicopter hunt is requested, additional documentation will be required. We ask that all guest are accompanied when leaving the lodge.  


No alcohol is permitted during hunting activities. Ranch Manager reserves the right to deny participation in a hunt if its deemed that the hunter cannot safely participate.


For the safety of the other hunters and staff, we ask that all hunters present a negative COVID test prior to arriving on the property.

What to Expect: List
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